Whatever the nature of your business, providing efficient and effective facilities services within budget can be a complex business. Sensors for Safety Ltd gas detection equipment management simply provides one point of contact for all your gas detection needs, be it fixed installation or portable monitors. As an experienced gas detection company, Sensors for Safety Ltd can provide a full technical back up facility that is truly second to none. At Sensors for Safety Ltd we provide one trusted point of contact who can be relied on 24/7 throughout the year to get the job done.

We at Sensors for Safety Ltd pride ourselves on getting to know our Customers. We listen to our Customers, building strong relationships and understand their needs in order to deliver an efficient, effective, responsive and flexible service.

As an experienced gas detection maintenance service provider, Sensors for Safety Ltd provides a streamlined management structure and delivers increased efficiency and value for money.


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Gas alarm systems for use in waste recycling plants

Waste and Recycling - Gas Detection Equipment


Sensors for Safety Ltd

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Sensors for Safety Ltd can supply gas alarm systems and gas detector equipment for use in Waste & Recycling centers. Our low cost S4S Gaswarden system can be used for small to medium sized areas, whereas larger areas will require ourS4S Guardian® ​Plus system which is capable of monitoring up to 640 detection points.