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Gas detection equipment solutions for all eventualities. protection from gas hazards is not a one size fits all proposition. gas detector alarm systems are designed to provide the appropriate level of protection from the basic one channel, one gas system to the most complex multi-channel, multi-gas system. the use of a gas detection system, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels of gas are detected can help to prevent explosions, injury to workers or exposure to toxic gases.

Action can be taken and initiated automatically by the gas detection control panel to help prevent the gas level from rising further. this action could be the turning on of a ventilation fan, shut off of gas valves, shutting down a process or audible and visual alarms to alert or evacuate personnel.

The website has been designed to give relevant information to each sector and help to guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate low cost gas detection solution. Gas detection equipment can be purchased directly from our online store or if you prefer, please contact our friendly sales team with your enquiry or specific needs and we will be pleased to offer our proposals and most cost effective solution.

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