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Sensors for Safety based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire provide quality fixed and portable gas monitoring equipment for various commercial sectors and industries in the UK. We have extensive knowledge in detection system design, installation and repair. With 40 years’ experience in the industry, you can rely on our expert services and advice.

We provide fume detection equipment solutions for all eventualities. Protection from gas is not a one size fits all proposition. Our systems are designed to provide the appropriate level of protection from basic one channel, one gas system to the most complex multi-channel, multi-gas systems. With our gas detection and monitoring systems you will be able to prevent explosions, injury and exposure to toxic substances ahead of time.

Our detection control panels help prevent the gas level from rising further through automated responses. For example, one of our systems may turn on a ventilation fan, shut off valves, shut down a process or turn on alarms to alert an evacuation of your company’s personnel in a safe manner.

What Are the Dangers of Gas?

If you work in any workplace which handles gas in some way or form, you need to make sure your staff are safe from the dangers of gases. Whether it’s a natural gas leak, which could cause an explosion, or a carbon gas which could result in your staff being poisoned.

When working with gas in your workplace it is important to comply with laws and Health and Safety regulations. Understanding the dangers and how to prevent explosions and exposure to harmful substances is paramount. Whether you need gases for heating, cooking or processing products, we can service and handle gas detection and monitoring devices for you.

What Can You Use Our Sensors For?

We help various industries from management facilities to leisure, medical facilities, laboratories, education and food preparation areas. Our sensors are highly reliable in detecting harmful and toxic substances in the air to keep you, your staff and clients protected at all times. Our static sensor monitors can be fixed to the wall anywhere. Personal mobile devices can be used in variety of spaces like confined spaces, large offices or car parks.

What Makes Us Special

At Sensors for Safety we offer a full service from investigation to installation. We even offer turnkey solutions which means we will carry out every aspect of the project and fulfil our client’s requirements. Customer service is also an important aspect of our service. We are very approachable, and you can rely on us to get the job done any time of the year. Based in Knaresborough we are equipped to work in Harrogate, York and anywhere in the UK.

Who are Our Clients

Whether you work in facilities management, use a pool plant room or manage a car park our services may be for you. We can help guide you to choose the best gas detection solution for your business. Gas detection equipment can be purchased directly from our online store or get in touch with our team today from our Knaresborough office.

Featured Products

We are proud distributors of gas detection and associated products from the following Manufacturers, along with our own S4S Gaswarden and S4S Guardian® range of products:

  • Honeywell Fixed and Portable Gas Detection
  • Air Products Bump Test and Calibration Gases
  • Senko Portable Gas Monitors
  • Coster Controls Fixed Gas Detection

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